FUN WITH FRISBEES & FOUNDRY: Enjoy the 4th of July with THC Drinks and Edibles from Foundry Nation

Heyoooo, it’s that time of year again! Fireworks light up the sky, the alluring fragrance of grilled meat fills the air, and the risk of your fingers being blown off increases by 95%. But wait, there’s more – instead of pounding basic beers this 4th of July, go from sloppy to sublime with high-key party animal energy courtesy of Foundry Nation THC beverages and gummies. Take your Independence Day from “meh” to “hell yeah!” – minus the hangover.

Sip, Sip, Hooray!

What’s the 4th without some cold drinks? Foundry Nation’s THC-infused beverages are here to amp up your patriotism to “Bald Eagle wearing an Abe Lincoln hat” status. Picture this: You’re kicking it with a few pals in the backyard, double-fisting your favorite Foundry Nation cannabis beverage. Every sip feels like a refreshing blast of freedom. The THC starts kicking in and you come up with a fantastically engineered plan to blow up an old microwave oven in the alley with a brick of Black Cat firecrackers and some cannon fuse you randomly have. If you were drunk, you probably would not have even thought of that.

THC Gummies aka Freedom Bites

Love being dehydrated? No worries! Foundry Nation’s got you covered with our delicious, delightfully powerful THC gummies. Toss a few of these babies down the hatch, and let the good times roll. Our cannabis gummies are perfect for an easy dose of hands-free fun — no need to juggle a drink while you’re trying to roast a full hog, show off your dance moves, ride the teacups at the county fair, or experiment with pyrotechnics.

Frisbees and Fireworks: A Cool Combo

Does anyone remember that cable access show that ran simultaneously on three channels where it was just a few friends playing frisbee, but you’d have to change the channel to see the next person catch it? Lol, that was cool. Anyway. What’s more American than spending the day outdoors, tossin’ the frizz with your best buds? Add a Foundry Nation drink to the mix, and suddenly, your frisbee game is on point. Plus, you’re high. Then, as the sun sets and the fireworks start, you’ll notice something magical. Those bursts of color and light? They’re not just fireworks, they’re an epic symphony of explosions, each one a masterpiece. With a Foundry Nation THC beverage or gummy, you’re not just watching—you’re experiencing.

No Hangover, All Fun

That’s right, ya’ll. The best part about indulging in Foundry Nation’s cannabis goodies? NO HANGOVER THE NEXT DAY. You get to enjoy the 4th of July to the fullest, then wake up on the 5th ready to tackle the world. Not to say you won’t have regrets, but at least you won’t have a headache – just the memories of an amazing day of fun, freedom and frisbee.

So, this 4th of July, make a pledge to declare your independence from boring celebrations and (at least some) bad decisions. Grab your favorite Foundry Nation THC beverages or gummies, gather your friends, enjoy the weather, and try not to blow any appendages off in the process. Here’s to a 4th of July that’s not just about fireworks in the sky, but fireworks in your soul.